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Making The Most of Your SEM Campaigns  
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The process of conducting a Google Ads review is the thorough examination of your current Google ad campaigns and advertisements to assess their effectiveness. A well-done audit will assist you in finding mistakes to correct, areas for development, and an overall view of how well your Google Ads are performing.


While there are several automated tools and services that can provide a audit result for your account, they generally lack the qualitative context and without the help of a marketing in-charge, the results are not suffice in helping you to rate the overall success of your Google Ads campaigns.


The key to a good audit is to:

  • Be able to identify key goals and targets
  • Review the status of each item and variable in the campaign
  • Evaluate the performance (both quantitative and qualitative) of each marketing effort
  • To identify key areas of improvements and action steps forward
  • To point out key expected improvements (to be monitored) in the next audit
google ads audit beneift 1

Campaign Structure

• Bid strategy
• Audience & demographic targeting
• Networks targeting
• Bid strategy
• Ad schedule
• Devices bid
• Location
• Ad groups structure

google ads audit beneift 2

Keywords & Ad Copies

• Keywords matches
• Converting keywords
• Keywords with high cost per lead
• Negative keywords
• Search terms results
• Quality score
• Ad copies click through rate

Landing Page Audit

• Above the fold content
• Are headlines speaking to target audience
• Are call to action buttons optimised
• Proof points
• Messaging and framing
• Offer (is it competitive enough)
• Drop off points
• Mobile view Vs. Desktop view


There are several advantages to auditing your meticulously-crafted campaigns on a regular basis, allowing you to take a step back and examine issues that may have been overlooked in daily management.


Finding areas of spend waste is one potential benefit of a Google Ads audit, and finding new opportunities to improve your campaign’s performance. Overall, this will ensure you are maximising your returns (ROI).

google ads audit why you should audit


➤ Finding areas of spend waste


➤ Identifying new opportunities to tap into


➤ Gaining consumer insights that can help other marketing channels to improve


➤ To confirm any kind of assumption with data at the center

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(1) Keywords Research & ROI Projection

Start with a keywords research if you have not and do a simple potential ROI projection for your campaign. If you know that your industry’s benchmark is say having a conversion rate of 10%, then all you have to do is a simple math: take your monthly budget divided by the average cost per click of your keywords, and project the total number of clicks.


Next, simply project the total conversions that you could get. The last step is to project your sales’ team closing rate. At the end, you will have a good idea of the rough sales target.


After you’ve set the campaign’s targeted conversion rate and cost per lead, you can begin evaluating each segment of your Google Ads campaign.

Keywords Research & ROI Projection sample google ads interface

(2) Campaign Level

Evaluate if the current bid strategy is the most optimal for your account. Check your timeline, and analyse how did the results change when you have made the bid strategy change. The other variables that you optimise would include: audience and demographic targeting, network targeting, ad schedule, location, and device bids.

(3) Ad Group Level

Sort your ad groups according to ad groups with the highest cost per lead, and lowest cost per lead. Dive deep into the ad groups that are not performing > which brings us to the next point: the keywords

(4) Keywords Level

Follow the same process by sorting out keywords that are not performing or hitting a cost per lead that was much higher than your projection. The key here is to see if you are able to lower down your ad group’s overall cost per lead before you decide if you have to pause the entire ad group. Try and evaluate the different match types available.

google ads audit search terms level

(5) Search Terms Level

The key in evaluating each ad group’s search term results – is also to determine if you can lower your ad group’s overall cost per lead > and thereby lowering your campaign’s overall cost per lead further.


Note that cost per lead isn’t everything. All these efforts are quantitative in nature, and it fails to address the qualitative side of things.


For example, one keyword might garner a cost per lead of say $100, while another might garner a cost per lead of say $20. However, if the quality of lead of the $100 CPL keyword is good and generated more sales out of it, there is no need to pause that keyword.. make sense?


And that is well it is important to get a person to do the audit, rather than just purely relying on an audit report generator which may only show you the quantitative side of things.


(6) Conversion Tracking

Ensure that you are tracking all the right conversion actions accurately, and indicate to Google which conversion action you would want the system to optimise more for (which has the highest priority).


Assigning a conversion value is helpful if you are an e-commerce platform and the conversion value is indicative of your real sales value.


In cases that you have both e-commerce transactions and lead form submissions, there is no harm assigning a value to your lead form submission. This will allow you to tell the Google system on the priority of the action, in addition, you will also be able to upgrade your campaign’s bid strategy to target ROAS as well. 


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